Our People

Samina Ansari

Founder & CEO

Samina Ansari, has an academic background in Law from University of Oslo/Maastricht Law School and International Public Management with focus in Diplomacy from Sciences Po. She has worked on Afghanistan's transition since 2014 through the United Nations Foundation, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Aga Khan Trust for Culture, and a number of Academic, Research and Rule of Law Organizations. Ansari speaks Norwegian, English and Dari.

Elliott Memmi


Elliott Memmi, has an academic background in Political Science, Political Communication and International Public Management from Sciences Po. He has experience analyzing political communications, social movements, and international politics particularly with regard to Asia and the United States. Memmi speaks French and English.

Antoine Guillemin-Puteaux


Antoine Guillemin-Puteaux, has an academic background in International Security with focus in Diplomacy from Sciences Po, and holds a MPhil in Islamic History. He has experience as Political Analyst and committed to people- approach development. In addition, he has background in fashion working with luxury brands Kenzo and Ralph Lauren. Guillemin-Puteaux speaks French, English, Italian, Spanish and Farsi.



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